What is Travelton?

Travelton is the 1-stop travel planning platform driven by the community to provide reliable instant updates and powered by automation for the fastest and most efficient routes for travellers.


The most time-consuming part of travel planning now becomes the easiest.

Influencer's itineraries

Saw your favourite Instagrammer posting stories of a place that interest you? Add that to your itinerary!

Efficient & Customizable

Your routes are optimized in a way that you cover the most, in the least amount of time. Customize your itinerary with no worries!

Offline usage

No network overseas? Worry not! Once you’ve generated your itinerary, you can access it offline.


Share your itineraries easily with your friends!

Relevant information

Opening hours, cost, directions are available at your fingertips. Travelton filters relevant information, saving time without compromise.

Community contribution

Get the latest information contributed by other users. Avoid disappointments and maximize your trip with alternatives.

How it works.

Just 3 simple steps

Fill up your destination, dates and traveler type.

Browse through your itinerary!

Customize each item. Swipe for suggestions or you could manually select from a list. Once you are satisfied, you are done!

Get your questions answered!

Right now, we are focused on South-East Asia countries. These are our current supported countries: Japan, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines.

We look to expand globally eventually.

Yes you heard it right. Our vision is to be the one-stop platform all travelers can rely on to maximize their experiences. Spread the word if you like what we are doing!

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